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The World Atlatl Association, Inc.

North American Atlatl Competition Calendar of Events


Texas Atlatl Association



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NYAA, Inc. does not endorse products, however your patronage of the following NYAA, Inc. members is encouraged.



Jack Rowe                    Atlatls and Darts    

Chemung and Lamoka style atlatls, and river cane darts.  Quantity discount pricing.

Jack’s products can be viewed at


Gary Fogelman               Darts                    

Rivercane darts with fore shafts and copper points.  Wide selection with various flex and weights.


Scott VanArsdale            Wasicun Knives      

Custom made knives with flintknapped blades; premier craftsmanship by one of the world’s top flintknappers.


Dennis Lantz                  Atlatls                   

Lizard and Catapult style atlatls.  Discount pricing by purchasing in quantity.  Click on the “Gift Shop”.


Bob Berg                      Thunderbird Atlatl    

A wide-ranging selection of atlatls, darts, points, fletching and fletching tools, targets and much more.  Click on the “Catalog”.


Jim Fisher                     Artifacts                 

Devoted to avocational archaeology and lithic technology.  Check the Table of Contents, and click on “Modern Atlatls”.